Lauren Matison – Founder and Editor,

“I'm thrilled that transitbot has found a way to make it simple for me to pick the best mode of transportation for my weekend getaways. I always try to pick the greenest option!”

End-to-End Duration
Flight time is only one component of your total travel time. Get the full picture of how much time it takes to get from A to B.

Bus, Plane, Train, or Car
Transportation has different costs, durations and eco-friendliness - choosing the right mode can be a headache. We find the optimal transit for your trip.

End-to-End Pricing
If a taxi to the airport costs a fortune, you might be better off taking the train. Understand how much it really cost to get from A to B.

Happiness Index
Travel can be stressful. Select your travel option based on what fellow travelers consider to deliver the most happiness.

Start making smarter travel decisions.

Transitbot is an online booking engine that humanizes the reservation process by giving you deep insights into each travel option.

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